How does Jon Daniels feel about big 20-year-old righthanders with a “slider [that’s] a big league out pitch with two-plane bite,” or about 22-year-old righthanders who reach the big leagues less than a year after being drafted and who strike out a dozen batters per nine minor league innings and who mix “a hammer curve that misses bats with regularity” in with mid-90’s velocity, or about New York Yankees tarp crews?

Why did JD trade Joakim Soria now, after an uncommonly bad outing on the back end of consecutive nights of work, and with another week of potential contender desperation to go before trading veterans (and trading for them) gets a lot more challenging?

Has his evaluation of how Michael Choice fits into the big picture changed?  What about Robinson Chirinos?  Jake Smolinski?  Roman Mendez?  Miles Mikolas?

Mitch Moreland?

What are JD’s thoughts on losing A.J. Preller — or hanging onto him?

Same question on Alex Rios and Neal Cotts.

Does Daniels think Yu Darvish wants to extend his contract to pitch baseballs for the Texas Rangers?

Ask him on August 13.  Ask him what you want, and if you’ve attended Newberg Report Night events in the past, you know he’ll answer.

He’ll obviously talk about the Wednesday trade that FanGraphs writer Dave Cameron describes as one in which the Tigers “paid through the nose” and conceivably will have “punted one of their best pitching prospects and a power arm who might have been a useful reliever himself.  Certainly, this is the kind of deal that could easily backfire, and the Tigers may very well regret this deal in the long run.”

Maybe he’ll talk about another trade he will have made in the three weeks between now and then, or hint at something he’s still got cooking.

And by being there, you’ll be helping to support Richard Durrett’s young family.

We are close to half of capacity after admission to the event opened up yesterday.

For details on how you and your Rangers friends can be there, click this link.

And start working on your questions.

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