Our tenth annual Newberg Report Night at the Ballpark will be on Wednesday, August 13.  I’ll have full details out in the next few days, but for now I can tell you that Jon Daniels, as he’s always done, has agreed to do a lengthy Q&A session with us, and Will Carroll is coming in from Indiana to be the warmup act.  We will have a raffle and auction of lots of very cool stuff, and this year proceeds will benefit the Richard Durrett Family Fund, which has been established to support the family of the Rangers beat writer who, at age 38, passed away on June 17.

More details on the event — with instructions on how to reserve your spots — very soon.

I also wanted to add two points to yesterday’s report about the opportunities the Rangers will have this month as we near the conventional trade deadline, both of which I expect I’ll write about in greater depth in the coming weeks:

1.  I would trade any Texas Rangers player other than Yu Darvish, Adrian Beltre, and Jorge Alfaro.  The circumstances would have to be extraordinary for me to discuss Elvis Andrus or Rougned Odor or Joey Gallo or Martin Perez and probably even Leonys Martin, but for me they’re not untouchable.

Yu, Adrian, or Jorge are.

2.  I would not rule out the idea that Texas jumps into the mix on the “buyer’s” end of a July deal.  I would hope, if David Price or Giancarlo Stanton is open for discussion, and you can probably throw another few names of elite impact players with club control beyond 2014 in there too, that Texas gets involved even if that’s a bit unconventional for a club not positioned to win this year.

For one thing, the Rangers are able to part with a core piece at the big league level, something that a contender would obviously be reluctant to do in July and that could appeal to the seller.  Which ties back into the first point.

And Texas has plenty of depth in prospects to tack on as well.

More on that idea soon, but more on Newberg Report Night sooner.

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