Half the Rangers’ active pitching staff should probably be in the minor leagues, and that doesn’t even count the disabled Nick Martinez.

Theoretically, at least going into the season, both catchers should be, too, though they’ve more than acquitted themselves in Arlington.

Rougned Odor should be in AA, or by now probably AAA, Luis Sardinas should have been a minor leaguer all season, and I don’t even want to get into specifics at first base.

As far as outfielders go, Jake Smolinski should be on the farm, along with Daniel Robertson.

And yet, in spite of all of the talent that has been pulled from the minor leagues to make sure the big club could field a squad, and in spite of the trades with the Cubs (in particular) the last couple years that have stripped talent from the system’s top two tiers (including righthander Kyle Hendricks, who makes his big league debut today for Chicago), the Texas farm system sits, at the moment, at 100 games over .500.

Minor league development isn’t about wins and losses, but this isn’t a situation where the Rangers have stocked their eight farm clubs with overaged players hoping to win league trophies.  As Scott has chronicled over and over, Texas regularly has the youngest rosters in many of the minor leagues they field teams in.  Plus, lots of those overaged journeymen minor leaguers are playing first base or pitching in long relief in Arlington anyway.

Guaranteed, 100 percent: For those friends of yours throwing themselves off the Rangers bandwagon just because of the brutal season at the top (which finds the Rangers as owners of the worst record in the game this morning), they’re making a mistake that they’re going to claim, in the next year or two, they never made.

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