Naming rights, and wrongs.

In about three hours, the Rangers will announce that they have forged a deal with an unidentified company on the naming rights for Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  From a business standpoint — and potentially a player personnel standpoint —  this stands to be a pretty significant development.  These rights agreements aren’t handed out impulsively, and they’re generally lucrative deals.

There’s some symmetry to the timing here, as the stadium was called The Ballpark in Arlington when it opened in 1994, was renamed Ameriquest Field in 2004 (though that didn’t last long), and will evidently take on a new name in 2014.

No idea what the announcement will be, though Evan Grant (Dallas Morning News) speculates that the naming rights partner could be a Korean-based company, such as Samsung.

I’d rule out “Chan Ho Park,” and would note that the pitcher by the same name had a Rangers career of three-plus years, half of which overlapped half of Ameriquest’s three-year run, and both of their runs with the Rangers ended prematurely and not well, shortly before their runs overall ended prematurely and not well, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Seriously, this is a pretty big deal.  If handled well — and this front office and ownership group is excellent at handling things well — this could help the baseball team add (and keep) better baseball players, and we’re all in favor of that.

For those of you connected to the news world only by email during the work day, I’ll send something out once the new naming rights partner is announced.

Next . . . my annual National Signing Day clarification, take 16:



JDN ballpark


I’m not gonna write about Jerrod Heard.  (Well, for now.)

He’s not gonna write about Yeyson Yrizarri.  (Ever.)

Finally, in case you missed yesterday’s Ben and Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan, Michael Young was in studio for about an hour, and it was really outstanding radio.  Here are Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 for your ears to listen to.

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