A message from Chuck Morgan.

I’ll have my report on the end of the Rangers’ season in the next few days.  Still need a little time on that.

In the meantime, Rangers PA Man Chuck Morgan wanted me to send this note to you guys.


To all Texas Rangers fans….

First, we can’t thank you enough.   Over the last 30 years, I have probably spent way too much time reading columns, listening to talk shows, etc. and taking the comments about our attendance way too personal.  That’s just one of my faults, but 99% of the time, its because I don’t think Rangers fans get enough credit.

Many of you know, I worked here when we were happy to get 1.5 million in attendance.   And many of you have read this type of thing from me before, but for this franchise to draw 2 million plus for the many years that we did, without a trip to the postseason and some years finishing either next to last or last in the division, sent a huge message to me.  A message that I mentioned to every owner from Mr. Chiles to members of the current ownership, “this is a sleeping giant.”   And it is.  Our area is a great sports area.

This year, 3 million plus for the second year in row.  2nd in the American League in attendance, 2nd in the American League in average attendance.  40,000 in the ballpark on Sunday for an afternoon game with the Dallas Cowboys on TV.   Some of you, like me, have watched for years on our Sunday afternoon games, when we were lucky to get 15,000 in the ballpark when the Cowboys were on TV and then when the Cowboys would score or make an interception the crowd noise would be louder for that moment than for something happening in the baseball game.   I didn’t hear that on Sunday.  Then, 42,000 in our ballpark on Monday for a game that wasn’t scheduled — in about 24 hours, our ticket office did a great job in selling 25,000 tickets.  Two things: most franchises couldn’t do that, tip of the cap to our folks in the ticket office.   Secondly, I’m not sure most fan bases would respond to buy tickets for that game like our fans did.

We are an attendance story because our fans responded 3 million strong for the second year in a row…our attendance was ahead of Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles Angels, the Cubs and the Atlanta Braves to name a few.  But some media outlets chose to focus on those that weren’t here on Sunday and Monday.  Posting pictures of our upper deck in left field and some empty seats…would it have been nice to have a full house on Sunday and Monday?  Sure, but with the Cowboys on TV, I will take 40,000 on Sunday.  Monday?  As I said earlier, tough to turn that many tickets around in 24 hours for a game that you and I didn’t know about until 5 pm Sunday afternoon.

I, and I am sure I am not alone, all of the folks that I am proud to work with, focus on thanking you for your support of the Rangers this year.  The negative attendance stories are in other baseball markets, not here….were we a little down, yeah, but 2012 was the greatest attendance year in Texas Rangers history….

But again, we can’t thank you enough for your support.  We will do all we can to make sure your trips to the ballpark are something special….taking care of your memories is something that I and everyone else here take very seriously.  I learned at an early age at Sportsman’s Park/Busch Stadium in St. Louis and it still beats in my heart on a daily basis…there is nothing like the power and glory of baseball and the promise of an endless summer.

Thank you.

Chuck Morgan

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