September mourn.

The clock struck October.  You know how the rest goes.

I’ve seen the road team bouncing around the infield and putting on baseball-gods-taunting T-shirts at the end of three Rangers-Rays series now, and the first two were pretty great.  The third one wasn’t.

All I remember about the second one was Adrian Beltre’s three home runs.

I remember pretty much every second of the first one, which ended with that Cliff Lee march toward Bengie Molina.

Lee had gone a masterful nine innings, while his opponent on the mound was pretty good himself, giving up three runs in six innings, but ultimately that wasn’t nearly enough.

Lee’s opposition that night was David Price.

Who went a masterful nine last night, hitting every spot that Bengie’s brother Jose put up, while Martin Perez was solid, giving up three runs in 5.1 frames, which it turned out wasn’t nearly enough.

Lee went away after that post-season.  Price is probably going to go somewhere else after this one.  Maybe here.

As for that topic, and every other one, it’ll have to be another time.  I lost a part of what I’d written this morning because some company called MasTec just cut the power to our neighborhood without any advance notice (because why wouldn’t that happen today?).  Plus I’m not feeling well this morning and am going back to bed.

Gimme a few days.  I’m not really ready to write any more than this right now anyway.

But I’ll say this.

All things considered, it was a helluva good season for the Texas Rangers, and I’m damn proud they’re my team.

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