I remember exactly where I was when I found out on the morning of Friday, September 23, 2011, in an email from reader Ryan Morton, that I’d been recognized by a local weekly with a very cool honor that I absolutely didn’t deserve.  I was waiting on a jury.

There was nothing I could do, while pacing in the hallway outside the 95th in Dallas County, to influence what was going on in the jury room.

By the same token, the fact that yesterday my socks didn’t match didn’t matter.

Texas 7, Houston 3 found its level without a nod to my deliberate choice of footwear.

I wasn’t sweating a jury yesterday when I accidentally learned I’d received the same, equally unjustified recognition from the Dallas Observer.  I was clicking a Twitter link from Grubes about his own honor: being named the best nicknamer of Texas Rangers in the land (a completely justified distinction).  And I happened to find the other thing.

After I got Ryan’s email two years ago, the Rangers rattled off six straight wins to finish that season, including the final three against the Angels, and followed that with the greatest month of baseball in franchise history.

One had nothing to do with the other, of course, just as socks are silly and the fact that I was at the Ballpark for Monday and Tuesday night’s wins didn’t mean Texas was bound to lose last night with me on my couch at home.

But I’m taking no chances tonight.  I’ll be back in my seat at the Temple.  With clashing socks.

Watching the only remaining team in baseball with a chance to disrupt the roster of teams set to play in October.

Another six-game Rangers run, culminating with these first three against the Angels, would make Sunday’s Yu Darvish-Jason Vargas clash, in Game 162, one of those days when, no matter what happens, we’ll remember exactly where we were when it starts and when it ends, hopefully with Texas recording an out in the top of the ninth — or crossing the plate in the bottom of the frame — to send the team back out on the road for 162+.

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