So Ken Rosenthal dropped a Fox Sports blog post late last night, reporting that, according to Major League sources, the Rangers have internally discussed the idea of trading Joe Nathan by Wednesday’s trade deadline, in an effort to see what sort of noise they might be able to make by “exploiting a thin market for relievers” while dealing from a club strength.

But I can’t bring myself to embrace the idea of the Rangers as sellers, no matter how nuanced that definition might be in this case.

I have a thousand COFFEY-appropriate notes that I’ve dutifully gathered over the last week, mostly concerning right-handed bats and touching on the Blue Jays’ free-fall and the Rockies’ own little skid.

But I can’t bring myself to embrace the idea of the Rangers as buyers, not the way the lineup has looked so uniformly hollow and drained for an uncomfortably long time.

I want to write an article about Engel Beltre and how he fits going forward, even as his options run out with the completion of this season.

But I can’t bring myself to do that today, either.

On June 27, the Rangers beat the Yankees, 2-0, and in doing so moved from a deadlock with Oakland atop the West to a half-game up on the idle A’s.

June 27.

That was the last day Texas gained ground on the A’s, whether ahead of them or behind.

I’ll leave it to someone with more energy for the task to figure out the last time in baseball history one team went a month without gaining ground on any one other team.

Let’s go, Alexi.  Let’s make this next month of baseball different.

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