An apology.

A couple months ago, like clockwork, I looked at the home schedule, like I’d done every May since Brad Fullmer was a Texas Ranger and Jon Daniels was promoted to Director of Baseball Operations, to gauge when we might have our 10th annual Newberg Report Night at the Ballpark.

The club was going to be on the road the weekend before the trade deadline.  And the two weekends after the trade deadline.  Given that the event is always headlined by JD’s 90 minutes with us in the Hall of Fame Theater, within days of the end of July, that’s what I was looking for.    When the perfect date didn’t jump out at me, I figured I’d just come back to it.

I did, several times, and when I did I tended to put step one in the process off, because of some other things that were occupying my attention.

You guys kept asking, and I kept looking, but I kept putting it off.  Same reasons.

We’ve had nine of these in a row.  Raised a whole lot of money for various charities.

And we’ll have more.

And raise a lot more.

But there’s work stuff, and family stuff, and other stuff, and right now if I were to put the event together, it would not only be at a time of the baseball year that’s not ideal — it would also be half-baked, and I don’t like doing things that way.  I’m disappointed to report that we’re not going to have an in-season event this year.

This has nothing to do with the Rangers or any of the folks who help make this event run every year.  In fact, Norma Wolfson and Eleanor Czajka assured me that they would take even more of the planning tasks off my plate than they normally do.  I still couldn’t make myself commit.

My apologies to those of you who have been asking about the event, and the hundreds of you who have shown up year after year, for a day of baseball, behind the scenes and on the field, and charity.  I’d be very happy to put you in touch with the Hello Win Column Fund or the Mike Coolbaugh Diamond Dreams Foundation or Genesis Women’s Shelter or Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer or Feed the Children Foundation or the Texas Rangers Foundation and anyone else whose efforts we’ve benefited over the years, and would encourage you to support them as you guys always have.

In my head this thing’s been in limbo a lot longer than Garza-to-Texas, but it doesn’t make any sense to assume my circumstances are going to change dramatically any time very soon.  The event takes a lot of time and work (really, more time than work) in the weeks leading up to it, and it’s time I just don’t have right now.

Sorry to wait so long to decide.  It’s not the decision I wanted to make.

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