It was three years ago today.

Three years ago today, Chris Davis had just finished up his third of what would be seven minor league stints with Texas in the space of four seasons, and doing so emphatically, going 16 for his last 32 (.500/.543/.875), with half his Oklahoma City hits going for extra bases and runs driven in in six games out of seven.

Three years ago today, Derek Holland, having pitched his way back to the big leagues two months earlier, was rehabbing a shoulder and a knee, and getting ready to go out on a rehab assignment in advance of a return to Arlington.

This report is not about Chris Davis striking out swinging three times in four trips against Derek Holland last night, or about the fact that there were seven runners on base for Davis in those four trips, and that if Chris Davis did Chris Davis things at all in that ballgame, it’s fair to assume Texas 8, Baltimore 5 might have ended up a lot different.

It’s about what else happened three years ago today, when the Seattle Mariners, who wanted Holland rather than Justin Smoak, and according to some reports wanted Holland and Davis rather than Smoak and Blake Beavan, nonetheless backed out of a deal with the New York Yankees at the eleventh hour and instead sent Clifton Phifer Lee to the Texas Rangers, along with Mark Lowe, for Smoak, Beavan, Josh Lueke, and Matt Lawson.

It was a trade that triggered the beginning of Davis’s third of seven big league stints with Texas, a game in which Scott Feldman got the start for the home team, and in which Davis entered in the sixth, pinch-hitting for Joaquin Arias and replacing him at first base, the final of five first base appearances for Arias, who had never seen the position before 2010 and wouldn’t see it again until 2013.

Three years ago today.

That was the Corey Patterson game, the worst regular season moment of the Rangers’ 2010 season, but hours before it was the Cliff Lee press conference in Seattle, one of my favorite regular season moments that year.

On second thought, this report is not about The Cliff Lee Trade, either, because I have another super-crazy-busy day at work that’s going to need to be the focus of my full attention so I have to stop thinking about that now no seriously right now but man Cliff Lee Cliff Lee Cliff Lee prospects cash-subsidy no-trade clause Metroplex traffic beast Don Draper beast animal machine beast Cliff Lee stop it stop stop but dude that mind-blowingly calm methodical epic glove clap head down march toward Bengie please come back and pitch for my team Cliff Lee gotta go goodbye

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