I’m gonna take a little time off from writing.  Baseball’s just not a whole lot of fun right now.

Not like it’s supposed to be.

I’m not giving up on the team.  That would be crazy.  The only years since the inaugural playoff season when Texas had a better record through 66 games than this season’s 38-28 mark were 1996 (40 wins), 1998 (39), 1999 (39), and 2012 (39).

Those were all playoff seasons.

So were 2010 and 2011, of course, and the Rangers weren’t any better at this point on the schedule in those two World Series seasons (38-28 and 36-30) than they are now.

I would have looked further back than 1996, but I kinda didn’t feel like it.

The A’s just swept the Yankees, holding New York to eight runs in three games (that included enough innings for four games), and over those same three days Texas lost at home to Cleveland, lost at home to Cleveland again, and lost at home to Toronto, scoring a total of five runs (three on solo homers).

Losing to inferior teams, at home, is a bad plan.

Oakland is really damn good.

This is gonna be a helluva pennant race.

And I’m as locked in as ever.

But I need a little break from the keyboard.

I haven’t really taken time off from writing (other than being out of town or in trial) in 15 years.  And I don’t know how long this break will be.  Probably a few days.  Maybe less.  Maybe more.  I’ll know when it’s time to write again.

I’m busier at work than at any time in my nearly 20 years of practicing law.  My copy of “Infinite Jest” arrived in the mail yesterday.  I need to finish that Adrian Beltre painting I started for Max in the fall.  I’ll have plenty to do to keep me fully occupied.

Part of me wants to write about the Kinsler-Andrus-Profar decision (the imminent one more so than the long-term one), or the number of wins Rangers starting pitchers have in a dozen June games (rhymes with “hero”), or a story idea I have that’s centered on Detroit righthander Doug Fister, or this developing situation.

The other part of me, for now, prevails.

I’ll probably still be around on Twitter, but for now that’s it.  If Justin Grimm fires a gem tonight, I can’t promise I won’t be right back in this chair, but if Chi Chi Gonzalez deals in Spokane’s opener tonight, I promise to leave that one to Scott.  Same thing if Joey Gallo pushes his streak of seven home runs in six Hickory games further tonight against Delmarva, or if C.J. Edwards hogs the spotlight in that same game.

Some better baseball at the big league level, and a healthy run of it, will probably end this little hiatus.  A string of tough at-bats.  Some late-inning tenacity.  A little swagger.

It’s not really about the losses and wins.  It’s more about how they’re happening.

The longest homestand of the season.


I hope you’ll choose to stick around, but whether you do or don’t, at least stick it out with this team.  They’ll be fine.

Appreciate your patience.

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