From Yu, to me.

I have nothing to say.

I mean, what is there to say?

I hope you saw it.  I hope you saw it very much.

I just have nothing to say.  Some works of art are better not broken down.

I had plenty to say last night, though.  But since I’m guessing you either (1) follow me on Twitter already or (2) don’t give a flip about what I have to say on Twitter, this report isn’t so much for you as it is for me.

Because eight months from now, eight years from now, 30 years from now, I want to remember the visceral experience of that baseball game, and it’ll be a lot easier to flip to a page in a book than to try and hunt online for 30-year-old tweets.

So, dear me, these are the things I was thinking about and blurting out in 140 characters or less while watching the Texas Rangers play baseball on April 2, 2013:

7:38 pm           #slidepiece

8:17 pm           Pardon the weirdness, but something about Yu’s face reminds me of Thom Yorke.
8:19 pm           It was a split-second look on his face right after the Altuve punchout.

Yu Yorke

Yorke Yu





8:20 pm           #slidepiecin’  #babysgotthebends

8:38 pm           Here comes the high-profile unfollow . . . . [@OldHossRadbourn: It is nice to see Y. Darvish perform against a NPB-quality team.]

8:39 pm           #YuAndWhoseArmy  #yuyorke

8:59 pm           I remember thinking Craig Gentry was a poor man’s Peter Bourjos.  Slow clap, Jay Eddings.  #seniordraft  #tommyjohn

9:01 pm           I’d happily settle for a single. [@jwimpee: kinsler needs a tater trot with cheese.]

9:02 pm           Or that!  Wow.  #kins

9:12 pm           First changeup of the night – on pitch 85.  Sick.

9:13 pm           Those 11,000 tickets left for Sunday night are gonna disappear pretty quickly tomorrow.

9:38 pm           For last two half-innings he’s looked at his hand a bunch as if there’s a blister developing.

9:48 pm           I’ve never wanted Beltre to ground into a double play this badly, and surely never will again.

9:59 pm           Yu Darvish is almost perfect at baseball.

10:08 pm         Because of my kid’s ballgame, I missed the first inning.  Knowing I probably would, I recorded the game.  Yay me.

10:09 pm         #WhereIEndAndYuBegin  #doesntreallyfit  #dontcare

10:13 pm        


seinfeld - Newman

10:26 pm         I don’t think I can adequately explain how much @bracketdan is going to hate my next report.

10:42 pm         Really did.  And unafraid to call the buried slider w/2 strikes. [@ShutDownInning: How are you feeling about Pierzynski?  Called heckuva game.]

10:52 pm         $51,703,411.

10:57 pm         #ImOnARoll  #ItsGonnaBeAGloriousDay  #ImYourSuperhero  #yuyorke [@JeffWilson_FWST Darvish: “I think I got lucky today.”]

11:34 pm         This is the tweet from 5 days ago that resulted in an unfollow that surprised me:

11:40 pm         Yu’s 2012 debut: 3 walks (& 4 hits) before recording his 2nd out.  His 2013 debut: 0 walks (1st time) and 1 hit.  110 pitches/111 pitches.

11:47 pm         That scout who saw Darvish in an April 2012 game, to @Ken_Rosenthal: “He’s going to give up a ton of hits . . . ” [more]

11:47 pm         “A lot of his fastballs are very straight . . . ”

11:48 pm         “The guy is supposed to throw hard.  But he basically pitched at 89-92, touching 93-94 . . . . Pretty good in Japan.  It’s not very good here . . . ”

11:48 pm         “When he gets in trouble, he turns into a breaking-ball guy – nibble, nibble, he won’t let it go.  He reminded me of Dice-K.”  #gloops

12:36 am         Yu.  Ours.  That’s all.  #EverythingInItsRightPlace  #Separator


Love Yu.

Love, me

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