Taillon’s and run-ons and Dutch.

Today at 3:00 Central, Derek Holland gets the win-or-go-home start for Team USA against Team Canada’s Jameson Taillon, and every 20 or 30 minutes during the MLB Network broadcast you can probably expect to see this commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods, starring Rangers minor league righthander Cody Buckel, who shows up on some industry Top 100 Prospect lists but not all of them, unlike Taillon, who’s near the top in most cases and who hails from The Woodlands, which is where Astros owner Jim Crane evidently wants to move that club’s AAA team, a proposition that seems to have a greater chance of success than Crane somehow orchestrating a return of Nolan Ryan, who is expected by the local media to be heard from today about his situation with the Rangers, either before Holland takes the hill across town, or afterwards, or not at all, and I was really wrong about Nick Tepesch, who doesn’t appear in any national TV ads, so I’m not about to speculate on something as elusive as when to anticipate there might be a press release or briefing from the CEO.

I thought about adding a second sentence to this report digging into the history between 2007 Spokane and 2008 Clinton teammates Holland and Canada part-time DH Tim Smith, but I’d rather talk about Jorge Alfaro driving in the eventual game-winner yesterday afternoon in what was his first-ever action in a big league baseball game of any kind, or about Leonys Martin and Jeff Baker, and I’d really like for someone who was in Peoria yesterday to tell me if Yangervis Solarte got any opportunities at shortstop and I’m actually glad Venezuela was eliminated but Jurickson probably isn’t and I don’t think it would be appropriate to go back to sleep since it’s later now than it’s supposed to be but I like driving home from work when it’s still light outside and this report would have been a tick more cohesive if Buckel had done a commercial for Run On! Shoes but not really and second-worst Newberg Report ever and okay enough for now I’ll catch you later.

Be great, Derek.

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