Because I’m busier at work right now than I’ve been since our family grew from two, I probably should have resisted the urge to pull up the radio call of the Rangers-Dodgers game yesterday afternoon, but for two reasons I didn’t.

One: Vin Scully.  C’mon.  Vin Scully.

Two: I needed the distraction.

Not so much a distraction from work as a distraction from baseball.

More specifically, from the overwhelming crush of off-the-field baseball content advancing a dialogue generated to overfill a void that bloats with each extra day of silence from a main character who doesn’t need to be silent.

Scully isn’t what he used to be, and a game ending up with 51 players and a tie score isn’t baseball in its purest form, and even the club CEO sitting in the front row, watching Adrian Beltre take Mark Lowe deep and watching Leonys Martin boost his strong bid further and watching Joe Ortiz look more and more like a big leaguer every time he takes the ball, was probably thinking about a lot of the same things you and I are, surely more frustrated than any of us but also with a far greater ability to put an end to all the speculation than anyone else has.

I’d really like to wake up one morning fired up to write about why Robbie Ross/SP is arguably less of a stretch than Robbie Ross/RP was a year ago.  About Jeff Sullivan’s interesting take over at FanGraphs about Derek Lowe, who, he suggests sabermetrically, “as recently as 2011 . . . was arguably better than [Kyle] Lohse.”  About the big difference in implication between the lack of command shown by Justin Grimm and Cody Buckel, maybe wedging in a note about Chris McGuiness’s .136/.208/.136 start in Indians camp that will likely lead to a opportunity for the Rangers to take him back, if they want to.

I’d like to write too long a piece about Leonys, and another about Nick Tepesch, who in a roundabout way could end up as the trophy from the Jarrod Saltalamacchia trade.

But all this other stuff is taking my eye off the ball, and that’s messed up.

You could even come up with some sort of rallying point, if you tried hard enough, after the Ron Washington cocaine story emerged three years ago at this time.  Everyone at the center of that story addressed it, head on, once it landed in the fourth estate.

This one just festers, as long as the silence persists.

I was driving to my son’s baseball practice late in the afternoon a week ago today when news broke of the shift in job titles at 1000 Ballpark Way.  Some have suggested the timing of the Friday afternoon press release wasn’t accidental.

I’d be grateful to have another club announcement to process by the time I head back out to practice today.

There’s a 90 percent chance of rain in Maryvale this afternoon, which I suppose increases the percentage chance that Nolan Ryan, without the distraction of a ballgame to take in, decides he’s ready to talk, and to put an end to all the written speculation, to own the plate the way he did back when he was on the mound and Vin Scully was at his best himself.

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