Dear Yu,

It’s gonna be OK.  Spring training wins don’t matter.  They don’t matter at all.

Maybe you didn’t notice a year ago, the spring of smaller baseballs and a thousand media and Will Venable, but outside of that haze your team went a measly 12-17 in Cactus League play, the second-worst record of the 15 clubs training in Arizona.  You still won 93 games and played past 162.

The year before, while you were still pitching in Japan, Texas posted a 13-16 record in spring training.  And went to the World Series.

In 2010, the Rangers were a miserable 10-19 club in the spring.  And they went to the World Series.

That 10-19 record was the worst mark in the Cactus League.  And the worst record any American League team posted.  And the worst win percentage (.345) that Texas has had in its 41 spring trainings.

Yeah, .000 would be worse.  Never mind all that.

The last time the Rangers had a winning exhibition record was in 2009 (21-14, third-best mark in the AL).

That was also the last time the club missed the playoffs.

Look, Toronto had a crazy .774 win percentage last spring.  Twenty-four wins, seven losses.  It’s the greatest spring record any team has had since 1984, which is as far back as I could find, and I bet since a lot longer ago than that.

The Jays went on to go 73-89 once the games counted, fourth in the East, 22 games back, and they fired people after the season ended and then overhauled their roster.

There are runs being allowed now by Texas pitchers who are weeks away from no longer being Texas pitchers.  There are failed at-bats going to hitters in Rangers uniforms you’ll never see again.

Some of your teammates have contributed more to 0-5-1 than they’ll ever contribute to a Rangers result that matters.

I don’t know how spring training results were treated in Japan.  Don’t worry about them here.

Baltimore, Kansas City, Seattle, Miami, and the White Sox have three losses.


Out of 23 games.

If anyone’s starting to think those may be the teams to beat in 2013, be my guest.

That thing you did Tuesday?  Keep doing that.

Everything’s gonna be fine.

Lance Berkman plays today.  That’s a bigger deal than any February win or loss.

It’s gonna be OK, man.  Relax.  Do what you do.

Hey, if you know how to reach the two Mantles and Albert, would you send this over their way?  I wouldn’t want them to get too worked up over their club’s own winless record (0-4-2) before their next three-way press event.

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