Splitting difference.

A follow-up on the COFFEY dump, because this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while but didn’t know how to drill down into second-level splits data until the great Dave Cameron gave me an Excel tip this morning . . . .

I’ve seen lots of noise made about Justin Upton’s uneven splits.  He’s a lifetime .307/.389/.548 (.937 OPS) hitter at Chase Field, a mere .250/.325/.406 (.731 OPS) hitter elsewhere.

The equivalent of 2012 Prince Fielder at home, Michael Saunders away.

The disparity was even greater in 2012 alone: .313/.390/.534 (.924 OPS) at home, .252/.326/.344 (.670 OPS) away.

Robinson Cano vs. Rafael Furcal.

So, buyer beware, right?

Well, as someone pointed out (I can’t find where I saw it), lots of Upton’s road games have been in the pitchers’ parks of the NL West.

So I wanted to see how Upton has fared in the five AL West parks, and in American League parks as a whole – not how he’s hit against AL clubs, that is, but how things have gone when he’s been in their ballparks.

In 209 plate appearances in AL ballparks, Upton has hit .317/.393/.465 (.858 OPS).  In other words, 2012 Dexter Fowler.

Of those, 88 trips have come in Texas, Anaheim, Oakland, Seattle, and Houston: .314/.373/.454 (.826 OPS).  Or 2012 Alex Gordon.

A dozen of those plate appearances came in Seattle, in 2009 (one of his two great seasons).  He went 5 for 11 with a home run and a walk, and no strikeouts, good for a .455/.500/.727 slash (1.227 OPS).

No wonder the Mariners are seduced.

Upton has been a lot better in AL West parks (.826 OPS), not to mention AL parks as a whole (.858 OPS), than he’s been away from Chase Field altogether (.731 OPS).

So, you know, there’s that.

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