Usually after a Newberg Report gathering of any sort, I try to take the time in a report to publicly thank the folks by name who helped host and manage the event, but as for Wednesday night’s event at Sherlock’s to support the Emilie Parker Memorial Fund, if I didn’t thank all couple hundred folks who showed up and who helped to run things and who contributed, and the couple dozen people who donated items to raffle or auction off, and the print, radio, and television media who caught word of what we were doing and spread it, and those of you who couldn’t make it that night but have donated since, it would be incomplete and unacceptable.

So thanks to everyone who fits into one of the above categories, or more.  Thank you very much.

Randy Galloway took the time and devoted his space to some comments about the event, and I wanted to share them with you if you haven’t yet read his Friday column.  It was a special night on Wednesday.

Here is Randy’s column:

We’re now over $21,000 in donations.  I’m going to wait until after Christmas Day to forward them to the Parker family, so if you’d still like to contribute, there are different ways to do so, one of which is by sending whatever amount you’d like to my PayPal account (go to and send payment to the account).

As I mentioned Thursday, the Parker family has said that they’re going to share the proceeds collected in the Fund with other Newtown families stricken by last Friday’s tragedy.  They wanted me to pass along that “the love and support that the people of DFW have shown has been overwhelming.”

I should also mention that, as the auction gained incredible momentum on Wednesday, Ben Rogers offered to open up his and Jeff “Skin” Wade’s contribution – a studio sit-in during the airing of their show and lunch with them afterwards – to anyone who wanted to match the winning $1,100 bid.

Two Rangers fans matched it that night.  Two more have matched it since then.

If you want in, Ben & Skin’s deal is still on the table.

Emily Jones did the same thing with regard to her “behind the scenes, all-access” experience during a home game at Rangers Ballpark, which auctioned off at $1,500.  She agreed to contribute a second one of those, and then a third, and those have been grabbed now as well.

Galloway offered up a second sit-in for his show Wednesday night, too, and it was quickly taken up on.

Angels broadcaster and old friend Victor Rojas caught wind of what we were doing on Twitter, and while we were at Sherlock’s, he committed $500 of his own to the cause.


I’ve got a Rangers-centric story idea in my head that’s now more than a week old, and a barrelful of Coffey notes to organize and share, but not now.  (And if you have questions about picking up a Bound Edition before Christmas, just email me.)

I’ll get back to musing about baseball soon.

First things first.

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