Interpretation, and catchers.

I’m taking a COFFEY break this morning.

I’m sure that means something big will break shortly, and if that’s the upshot it’s totally cool with me.

If it’s not, that’s cool, too.

But not as cool as knowing the direction of this team is in the hands it’s in.  Man, that’s so great.

A couple real quick things, just because I can’t help myself, on this December 7th, a day which will live in infamy and could also be a day on which the Rangers’ all-time leader in games played could put himself in line to play his first game for another team.

Bob Nightengale (USA Today) tells us this morning that the “Yankees, but not GM Brian Cashman, [are] quietly running [a] background check on Josh Hamilton, [a] rival GM says.”

How quiet is it if someone knows that someone else’s club is investigating an unaffiliated player’s background?

Somebody wanted Nightengale, and the Rangers and Red Sox and Mariners and Brewers and Orioles, and you and me, to know that the Yankees, apparently, are (shhhhhh) sniffing around.

Part of the winter game is the manipulation of information and of things that aren’t quite that.  A big part.

As club officials left Nashville yesterday and fed reporters some carefully crafted parting thoughts, the two Los Angeles clubs made noise that they were pulling out of the Zack Greinke chase, were no longer optimistic about their chances to sign the righthander, were prepared to move on.

Think back to what unnamed Rangers sources were telling reporters as the Yu Darvish bids were on the verge of being sealed and submitted a year ago.

This is not over.  Don’t rule out the Dodgers.  Don’t rule out the Angels.

And don’t believe a word they’re saying.

But while you’re not believing a word coming from the Los Angeles folks, here’s an indisputable fact that I’m presently building up to be more important than it is.

Greinke has pitched to 16 catchers in the big leagues.  The two who have caught him the most are John Buck, recently acquired by Toronto, which is expected to trade at least one big league catcher this winter, and Miguel Olivo, a free agent.

Texas still needs a second big league catcher.

So there.


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