If you’ve preordered your 2013 Bound Editions or if you place your order this weekend, they will start shipping on Monday morning by FedEx.  I was at the warehouse at the end of the day yesterday and saw the books for myself – they’re ready to roll.


box of books


The e-Book format isn’t ready yet, but if you plan to take advantage of the $5 discount for ordering both the hard copy and the e-Book, you don’t have to wait to order both at once.  You can get the hard copy order placed at any time to make sure that shipment gets underway in time (and so that holiday delivery doesn’t become an issue).  The $5 discount will be applied when you follow up with an e-Book order.

That and all the other specials:

  • $5 discount if you buy the 2013 Bound Edition in both hard copy and e-Book
  • Buy three 2013 Bound Editions (hard copy), and get a free 2011 or 2012 Bound Edition (covering the World Series seasons)
  • Buy five 2013 Bound Editions (hard copy), and get both the 2011 and 2012 Bound Editions free
  • A gift set of all 14 Bound Editions is available for $200 (a $30 discount)

Ordering is very easy, and will take you less than a minute.

(And I just wrote the third of three really big checks to pay for the printing of a thousand first-run copies, so if you’re into ordering books with more than 300 pages of Texas Rangers material, including the Darvish chase and more than 60 TROT COFFEY’s and nearly 40 pages of rankings and commentary on more than 70 Rangers prospects plus lots of player photos and a full year of near-daily reports on the big club, then I like you very much, even more than I already did.)

We’re also looking at a weeknight during the week of December 17 for the book release party.  I’m working on details now and will let you know once we have it all nailed down.

I’ll have another COFFEY delivery later this morning.  In the meantime, upstanding baseball-starved Rangers fan, consider taking a minute to boost the economy, won’t you?

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