When you’re sick, food tastes worse, hair and clothes hurt, every room is too cold or too hot.  Irritating things are even more irritating, and non-irritating things are, too.

It all feels like 1 for 28 with runners in scoring position (0 for the last 20).

I’m a little better today than yesterday, and maybe Josh Hamilton and the Rangers offense will be, too, but I still don’t feel much like thinking, so I guess I’m just going to accept that the Angels are going to be Rangers fans the next four days, and as for the competing national stories that suggest, on one hand, that Los Angeles owner Arte Moreno “is expressing unhappiness behind the scenes about the job performance of both legendary manager Mike Scioscia and heralded general manager Jerry Dipoto” (Jon Heyman/CBS Sports), and, on the other, that Moreno is insistent that both Scioscia and Dipoto’s jobs are safe (Alden Gonzalez/, well, schadenfreude is fun and I’ll happily take the angst over what’s surely just a temporary Rangers hitting rut over the mess in L.A.

The Angels story isn’t going to die this week, but the race in the West might, and it could turn out, after an exceptionally ugly weekend series in Seattle, that the next road game for Texas that matters will be on October 6th or 7th, site to be determined.

Texas, having already bagged 90 wins more quickly than ever before, hosts Oakland for four big ones starting tonight (8.0 [x], 6.0, 4.0, 2.0, or –/–) and then Los Angeles comes in for three.

Anything less than being 100 percent well by the time the Angels arrive will be unacceptable, and what I mean by that is my own health, but I guess I’m thinking that way about Hamilton’s vision and the Texas offense, too, and if I felt up to it today, I’d clean this report up or toss it in the trash altogether, but I suppose irritating goes both ways, and so with that I’m going to hit “send,” but not before taking a peek at the Liam Hendriks-Esmerling Vasquez-Samuel Deduno trio that the Twins are sending out the next three days against the Yankees and realizing that now my hair hurts even worse.

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