“I knew I was going to give Elvis a day today, but I never really gave any thought to starting Profar” but settle down he just got into town but then again logistics was probably reason number 10 and hey maybe Cleveland 4, Texas 3 would have been even worse if Profar had made his debut at one day younger than Bryce Harper had and I’m not super-comfortable bringing up the names of David Clyde and Wilson Alvarez and remember that Mike Olt arguably has a semi-regular role he could help fill and Profar really doesn’t and last night Wash said he might use Profar at shortstop or second base but “I’m going to write Elvis and Ian in the lineup until I decide to give them days off” and you see why that doesn’t really answer the question and every time Wash gets asked the question he’ll be like #bringit so get used to it and Profar himself said in at least one of five languages “I know I’m not going to play much, but it doesn’t matter – I’m still going to get better on the bench by watching these guys play” and c’mon it’s not like this will ever become a #knockknock joke and I just hope MDLS doesn’t bite us plus they’d have needed the roster spot even if Alberto Gonzalez or Luis Hernandez were the call and since Oakland will win this afternoon 24 to (-2) let’s please just go ahead and #WTDS if that’s cool with you.

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