Tweet relief.

Coming off a self-imposed (Corby-inspired), four-day, respect-the-streak ban from in-game tweeting, lifted once the Rangers’ longest win streak in over a month was snapped, I scattered a few thoughts during Monday’s game, but then went ape last night.

I didn’t go back and count how many dozens of Twitter posts and conversations I hammered out during Texas 6, Boston 3, but it was a whole lot (I gained a few dozen followers but it cost me a few unfollows as well).  Among the subjects we covered:

  • The curious decision to leave Craig Gentry (who needs to play) and Jon Lester/Fenway-killer Mike Napoli (who needs to get untracked) out of the lineup against the Boston lefthander.
  • “Who will you need most in Sept/Oct: MY, Olt, or Nap?  Choose two.”
  • How stupid Fenway Park is, dimensionally.
  • “It’s 0-0 in the fifth inning and I’d like for Texas to win this baseball game.”
  • Ian Kinsler not taking second on shots high off the wall with Boston hiding Carl Crawford in left field – twice.
  • Ron Washington’s very good seventh inning.
  •  “If Mike Adams has strike one in his bag tonight, it’s a win.”
  • Adams starting three of four hitters with strike one (the exception: Adrian Gonzalez hammering a 2-0 pitch out over the plate to the top of the wall) – and punching all three of them out.
  • After Paul Nauert (who will be today’s home plate ump) ran Dustin Pedroia, a PG-13 group discussion on the letters that baseball’s “magic words” start with.
  • The future story line that involves Elvis Andrus, Jurickson Profar, Scott Boras, and Jered Weaver.
  • Ryan Dempster’s great night.  (“Grimm had a start like that.  Oswalt too.  But this was BOS offense.  In Fenway.  And if Kins makes routine play, it’s a shutout.  Bravo, Demp.”)
  • And Geovany Soto’s very good one, too, at the plate and behind it.
  • The proper scoreboard-watching protocol when the A’s and Angels are teeing off: “Oakland, until the day the Angels are eliminated.”
  • “The Yu and CJ trends this season are eerily congruent.”
  • “That was a solid baseball game.  Now #WTDS.”
  • (Win the [dang] series.)

Day game today, so I promise to tweet less torrentially.

It’s Josh Beckett, who lost to Texas two weeks ago and was chased from his once start since then (eight days ago) with back spasms.

It’s Matt Harrison, the Rangers’ number one starter, who’s even better on the road (9-3, 2.99, .248/.297/.379) than in Arlington.

And surely Mike Napoli, who slugs .864 against Beckett, which overshadows Josh Hamilton’s .700.  No player with 20 plate appearances against Beckett outslugs Napoli, whose 24 plate appearances include four home runs.

The backdrop will be Angels-A’s, which will get rolling two hours into Red Sox-Rangers, pitting Zack Greinke, who has started two losses for Los Angeles while Dempster has started two wins for Texas.

Each righthander has had one good start and one bad, and I’ll take Greinke over Dempster in a vacuum, but when you see Kevin Goldstein rank the 43 prospects traded around the league in July and peg Jean Segura (2), Johnny Hellweg (4), and Ariel Pena (6) all near the very top, in contrast to the duo of Christian Villanueva (8) and Kyle Hendricks (36), and consider it in light of the relative strength of the Angels’ and Rangers’ farm systems and the very different impact that the Greinke and Dempster trades could have as a result, and mix in the thought that the removal of Cole Hamels from the free agent market could push the Dodgers all in this winter on Greinke, whose departure from the Angels wouldn’t trigger any draft pick compensation, then your thoughts may wander into big-picture territory that’s not especially conducive to 140 characters or less.

It’s August.  The bigger picture can wait.


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