Chasing happiness.

One streak was snapped, and another one lives.

Frisco shortstop Jurickson Profar’s run of games reaching base ended at 50 on Sunday.  But his teammate Mike Olt homered twice in the game – for the third straight day.

Another streak was killed on Sunday, and a new one was started, as Texas got out of Anaheim with a win, holding the Angels off all day in a very tense ballgame that never felt comfortable until the ninth.

A few interesting things about the six games that the Rangers and Angels have played so far this season, in which the home team has won two of three in each series:

Texas has won by scores of 10-3, 13-6, and 7-3, while the three Los Angeles victories have been by the scores of 4-2, 4-2, and 3-2.

And get this:

In all three games of this weekend’s series, the Rangers starter took a no-hitter into the fourth inning.  In fact, the only blemish on what otherwise would have been three perfect three-inning starts was an Elvis Andrus throwing error on Saturday.

The Texas bullpen threw 5.1 scoreless innings over the weekend.

The Rangers outscored the Angels in the series, 11-10 – and outhit them in all three games.

But the Angels won the series.


Texas will make three draft picks tonight (29, 39, 53), and two more tomorrow morning (83, 93) before the Angels get to speak up for the first time (114).

Olt was the 49th player chosen in 2010, and few Rangers fans had ever heard of him.  Now, he’s one of the top prospects in baseball.  And even though his path to the big leagues is uncertain, only because he’s extraordinarily good at a position at which Texas has an extraordinarily good player locked up for years, he’s going to make the Rangers better, one way or another.

The draft accomplishes several things.

You don’t draft for need.  You draft talent.

“I think you take the best player available,” says Rangers amateur scouting director Kip Fagg.  “That’s always been my philosophy.  Just because you have a bunch of shortstops you think are prospects doesn’t mean you don’t take a shortstop.”

“It’s critical,” Daniels says of the draft, while he and his group await the result of MLB’s lengthy investigation into Dominican outfielder Jairo Beras’s age.  “It’s a talent-hungry, borderline talent-starved industry.  It’s extremely competitive in all facets, whether it’s big league free agency, international, minor league free agency, the draft.

“They’re all important parts.  It’s hard to rank them.  They’re all huge parts of what we do.”


In last night’s episode of “Mad Men,” Don Draper said: “What is happiness?  It’s a moment before you need more happiness.”

It’s true in baseball, whether you’re a two-time American League pennant winner or first-place team after a big win against the team chasing you in the standings or an elite farm system relentlessly determined to keep killing it internationally and in the draft.

Tonight the Rangers work to keep more than one streak alive.

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