The rain had let up, the tarp was removed, and Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre, and Michael Young returned to their places on the bags, keeping the book on C.J. Wilson open even though, at least physically, his night was done.

While the decision had been made in one clubhouse that Yu Darvish would keep pitching after a rain delay that lasted nearly two hours, in the other clubhouse an even more unconventional decision was made.  Wilson, having thrown only 12 strikes and 10 balls before the umpires cleared the field, would return to the team hotel and rest up for today’s noon start.  He’ll be the first big leaguer to start consecutive games since Rangers righthander Aaron Myette did it on September 3-4, 2002, having been ejected against the Orioles the first of those two days after knocking Melvin Mora down with two of the game’s first four pitches.

The day after Myette came back against Baltimore, giving up five runs in three innings, Wilson threw his second nine-inning complete game as a pro, leading AA Tulsa to a 2-1 playoff win over the Wichita Wranglers, finishing off a Drillers sweep.  Wilson gave up an unearned run on three singles and three walks that night, fanning six.

Wilson would give up three singles last night, too, none of which reached the outfield, before the rain halted the game and ended his night.

As reader Wes Holcomb pointed out on Twitter, once Hamilton, Beltre, and Young came around to score when the game resumed, Wilson’s ERA for the game and for his career against the Rangers was locked in, for a day, at 108.00.

108 is also what Darvish’s ERA was after the first eight batters of his Major League career, when Seattle had scored four times while recording just one out.

1.08 is what Darvish’s ERA would be for the remainder of that debut plus the three starts against Minnesota, Detroit, and New York that followed.

$108 million is what the Rangers have invested in Darvish, including the posting fee.

108 is also perhaps the most hallowed number from the series “Lost,” which of course has all sorts of Wilson connotations, and it’s also exactly two-thirds of a baseball season, which is about how long it typically takes for Josh Hamilton to get to 17 home runs, and it’s also exactly the number of 2012 baseball games that the Rangers are on pace to win, and it’s also the number of stitches on the ball, which makes me want to stop writing right now and head out the door for a little B League practice before cleaning up in time for the Rangers to move the needle on C.J. Wilson’s career ERA against Texas, maybe up and maybe down, but because it’s baseball we need just one sleep at a time to find out, and with that I’m a little too fired up to keep writing and so I’m done for the morning and #8.0 and bring it and I’ll talk to you later.

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