I’m stunned that the Cowboys were able to pull off last night’s Draft Day trade (paying the second to switch firsts was a lot, but Dallas fails in the second round just about every year anyway), and it made me want to mention this morning that I can’t wait until MLB comes around and allows teams to trade draft picks.  Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

Two weeks ago, on the day that Oakland designated Brandon Allen for assignment, I commented on Twitter with one word.

I might change my mind tonight or over the weekend, as the Rays come to town, but for now I’m very happy things worked out the way they did for the big first baseman, who played a very big part yesterday afternoon in making the Angels the team that now stands with the biggest division hill to climb in all of baseball (and the deepest Wild Card deficit outside of Minnesota, Kansas City, and San Diego).

But Peter Gammons does note that three teams have been nine games out before the 20th game of the season and still reached the playoffs.  This is not over.

And that’s why we still scoreboard-watch.  If you don’t respect the Angels and their ability to get back in this thing, tune them out.  I’d urge you not to.

Jesse Sanchez ( reports that “[t]he investigation into the identity of prospect Jairo Beras is complete and a decision could be imminent, according to an industry source,” while Ben Badler (Baseball America) suggests that “[t]he more people you talk to, the more it becomes evident that the Jairo Beras case could shape MLB’s future in Latin America.”

The Rangers, who agreed to sign the Dominican outfielder for a reported $4.5 million in February, believe he is 17 years old and thus eligible to sign before this coming July 2.  More background on the Beras situation here.

Shields-Harrison, Niemann-Lewis, and Price-Holland the next three nights, all in front of packed houses at 1000 Ballpark Way.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

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