Game (on).

It was the most different birthday I’ve had yet, one that started with me rolling out of bed earlier than I can remember and getting on the road close to an hour before the sun snuck up.  Two baseball games followed, and a soccer game, and a hugely successful day of Destination Imagination.  The day belonged 100 percent to our kids, all except for that stolen sofa nap that lasted maybe 25 (glorious) minutes, but that’s cool.

By way of an occasional check of Twitter, I saw that there were apparent setbacks on Saturday for Matt West and (according sources who spoke to Baseball America’s Ben Badler) on the Jairo Beras front, but in neither case do we know how bad the news will be.  So we wait.

But one wait that’s nearly over is the countdown until some level of Rangers baseball against a squad other than themselves.  Texas takes on Kansas City at 1:05 Central today, with Colby Lewis, Scott Feldman, Michael Kirkman, Robbie Ross, Sean Green, and Miguel De Los Santos expected to get the ball.  The Royals will go first with former Ranger Luis Mendoza, in spite of whose right-handedness Craig Gentry will start in center field.  Eric Nadel and Steve Busby will bring the action to us on 103.3 FM and on Gameday Audio.  In a few hours, all will be more right with the world.

There are two more tournament Little League games between now and then for me, but it’s all good.  And the best gift I’ll get this weekend may just be catching another one of those couch-siestas, to the sounds of Eric and Buzz, before it’s time for soccer practice and a little preparation for a week ahead that will be heavy at the law office, with a spring training box score to devour and overreact to every day, plus a Radiohead visit at the start of the week and a Surprise visit at the end of it.

It’s all good.

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