Pitching & the Texas Rangers.

While you can flip around the Web and immerse yourself in all things Yu this morning, let me offer up Reason No. 3,411 that this is a different era in Texas Rangers baseball.

The franchise that tried but failed to bring Roy Halladay, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Barry Zito, Josh Beckett, Zack Greinke, Matt Garza, Johan Santana, Mike Hampton, Matt Morris, Dave Stewart, Doug Drabek, Jimmy Key, and Greg Swindell and others to Arlington is now a franchise that tells good Major League starting pitchers who want to pitch here, “No, thanks.  Not interested right now.”

And that’s an awesome thing.

Roy Oswalt has decided not to sign with anyone, for now.

He wanted to be a Ranger and wanted to be a Cardinal, but he didn’t want a bullpen spot and neither team wanted to pay him $10 million (like the Tigers had reportedly offered to).

Instead, he’ll conduct his own personal spring training, keeping his arm and legs in shape on his own, and hope for a phone call sometime between now and whenever from a team that finds itself needing a starter, even if it’s well into the season.  And he’s hoping that call will come from one of last year’s World Series clubs.

It’s such a radically different time for this franchise, in so many ways.

Don’t forget that Eric Nadel will DJ at 1 p.m. today on public music radio station KXT-FM 91.7.  You can listen live at http://kxt.org/listen/.

Thanks for the early sales on the e-Book project.  First 48 hours: 900 copies sold.  That’s cool.  Appreciate it.

If you need some weekend reading, it may hold you down a while.  Details here.

It even includes a whole section on the five-year pursuit of Darvish, in case you find yourself suffering from Yu-withdrawals.

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