“JD: Building the Team That Built a Winner”: Now available.

Pitchers & Catchers in the morning.

But before one final sleep, you can now go to www.newbergreport.com and order “JD: Building the Team That Built a Winner,” the project that I’ve been working on since September.  I’m pretty sure things are working from a technical standpoint, because about 50 copies have already sold in the last hour or so.

The e-Book is a look at Jon Daniels and his team of advisors and scouting and player development officials who make up the Rangers’ formidable baseball operations group.  The feature digs into where many of them came from and how, in coming together, they’ve helped change the fortunes of a franchise that had never won.  It includes a focus on the philosophies and objectives that drive the group and a detailed look at the club’s fortunes on the trade market since Daniels was made the franchise’s eighth General Manager after the 2005 season.

It’s about 31,000 words (reference point: 65 pages in Word, single-spaced, with photos) and is available in e-Pub, PDF, and .mobi formats (compatible on the Kindle, Nook, and iPad, as well as on your computer in the PDF format).

The cost is $2.99, and I’m donating a portion of every purchase to charity.  I’ve never charged for content like this before, but this is substantially larger than anything I’ve done other than the Bound Editions, and releasing it in an e-Pub format gives us a chance to test the process and see if we might be able to offer next year’s Bound Edition not only in hard copy but in e-formats as well.  If you’re not satisfied with this project, I’ll refund your $2.99.

Thanks again to my pals Mike Hindman and Adam Zaner for the edits and the guidance, to Devin Pike and Don Titus and Brian Rhea for the work going on right now to turn the document into an e-Thing, to the great Brad Newton for sharing his photography, and to all the folks I talked to for the story itself.

If you’re a media member interested in a complimentary copy, email me.

And to everyone who orders a copy: I’m very interested to hear your feedback, both on the content and the e-format.


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