My playing days ended in high school, as did my journalism training, and I’m not a scout.  I’m no expert on this stuff I write about.

I can understand most parts of the conversation at some level when it comes to baseball.  But I’m not an expert.

And I’m far, far less qualified to understand what happened in Josh Hamilton’s life this week, let alone to weigh in on it.

I do understand that there are baseball implications to all of this – the same implications that were there in January 2009, and in December 2007 when Texas traded for Hamilton, only now they’ve become news again and not just an incidental risk factor to weigh when evaluating how long a baseball commitment to make to an extraordinary baseball player.

There’s so much we don’t know about Monday night’s facts, even more that most of us don’t know about the other part of all this.  My thoughts are with Josh and Katie and their daughters, and that’s all I’ve got.

I have nothing else to say right now.  Spin the dial or pull up Google and you can find a thousand people offering commentary, some of it quite good and helpful.

But as far as this space is concerned, this story is more about someone’s life than it is about contract extensions or whiteboarding a future roster, and with that I’m gonna just hit “send” and do a little reading.

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