What they’re now saying about Yu.

Tucked within just about every Yu Darvish article lately there’s been at least one extra nugget for you to latch onto or dismiss, the latest a note in Jeff Passan’s Tuesday night Yahoo! Sports story – retweeted overnight by Darvish’s agent Don Nomura – that suggests the righthander’s preference to pitch for a West Coast team “is ‘very strong’ and ‘might cause him to reconsider’ [whether to leave Japan] if an East Coast team wins the posting auction.”

Passan adds that “the sentiment that Darvish will return to Japan next season, most executives believe, isn’t 100 percent posturing.”

And then there’s this from Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “The Rangers . . . aren’t expecting to land [Darvish] and might not even submit a bid.  They are committed to the business model, which doesn’t have room for a high-risk, high-dollar acquisition this off-season.”

I think it’s reasonable not to expect Texas to prevail on Darvish, but soon enough we won’t have to spend any more time speculating, or reading published speculations.

A couple hours after the Commissioner’s Office tells all interested clubs late this afternoon to put their pencils down and turn their Darvish scantrons in, we’ll gather at Sherlock’s in Arlington to hang out with a pitcher born a few weeks after the Japanese righty, a lefthander with a Dutchstache and explosive off-season hair and an immediate upside we don’t have to speculate about at all.

The book release party for the 2012 Bound Edition gets rolling at 6:00 tonight at Sherlock’s (254 Lincoln Square, a few blocks west of Rangers Ballpark), with Derek Holland and Rangers hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh joining us for autographs (limit two per Ranger, please) and some fan Q&A.  We plan to go until 9:00 or later, but please come early to meet Coolbaugh, who may not be able to stay for the entire event.

We’ll have the 2012 and 2011 books for sale at the party (cash or checks only), and we’re also collecting new, unwrapped toys to help support the Cowboy Santa’s Toy Donation Program that the Rangers are sponsoring this year.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there tonight, to hang with Holland and Coolbaugh and celebrate Rangers baseball, as the Darvish conversation shifts from sealing to ceiling, with one team settling in as part of the story rather than an ever-changing pool of supposed favorites to sit at the table opposite the enigmatic righthander.

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