Growing the roster.

Teams must finalize their 40-man roster by 11 p.m. tonight (Central time) in preparation for the December 8 Rule 5 Draft.  Any minor leaguers not added today, if they have enough pro service time, are eligible to be drafted by another team.

In the six-page “40-Man Roster Conundrum” chapter in the 2012 Bound Edition, I try to explain the process facing Texas this winter, weighing any inclination to load the roster up with prospects to ensure they’re shielded from the Rule 5 hounds against the need to keep the roster flexible for off-season big league additions, with specific reference to the pool of prospects in the Rangers system who will be eligible for next month’s draft if not protected on the roster.  I also explain Rule 5 and the constraints that result for teams drafting a player.

At the conclusion of the Conundrum chapter, I predict that Texas will add five players to the roster today – even though the Jon Daniels front office has added that many players only once in JD’s six previous Novembers at the helm of the team.  The five I’m going with are lefthander Martin Perez (number 2 on my Top 72 Rangers Prospects list in the book) and righthanders Neil Ramirez (8), Matt West (17), Roman Mendez (23), and Johan Yan (34).

As for the book itself, preorders are off to a tremendous start, but I’ve heard from a few of you who have said you just can’t bring yourself to read it because of the way the 2011 season ended.  I get that.  But I assure you: I’ve read the book, and there are only four pages out of 392 that deal with the difficult finish.  Tear those out if you’d like.  The other 388 pages tell the story of the greatest Texas Rangers season yet.  It’s a pretty good time.  And it might be a little baseball-therapeutic over the holidays.

Back atcha today or tonight with word on how the Rangers adjust their 40-man roster.

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