There’s a weekend each November when Devin Pike, Marty Yawnick, and I have to hole up in front of our respective computers and kill it to knock out the final production tasks on the Bound Edition, so that the book goes to print in time to be available for mid-December delivery.  This is that weekend.

I’m really excited about this year’s book cover.  Really excited.  When it’s in the can – next day or two – I’ll send out an image of it.

I’m sending this email for two reasons:

1.  To thank the huge number of you who have already preordered the book.  It helps the publisher a lot to get orders lined up now so that they can be prepared for mass delivery right when the books come off the press.

If you haven’t preordered but want to, you can click here.  Very easy process.  Books will ship mid-December, and like last year, for those who preorder I’ll send out an email in advance of our book release party (date undetermined, but could be Thursday, Dec. 15) to find out which of you would prefer to pick your books up at the party rather than have them shipped.

2.  There are lots of important Rangers notes to get to, primarily on the baseball operations, coaching, and roster management fronts, but I’m still bunkered down for another couple days to put the book to bed.  Promise I’ll get to everything soon enough.

Thanks for your patience.

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