Ding dong.

I tweeted this yesterday:

My iPod has 3400 songs on it.  Always on random shuffle in the car.  On way in this morning: “When the Angels Fall.”  #mightyarcsofsound

I don’t understand Ron Washington’s tactical call in the bottom of the seventh, but it won’t be remembered.  The Angels did fall hours later, when original Rangers draft pick Edwin Encarnacion destroyed a 12th-inning Garrett Richards full count breaking ball, wrapping it around the left field foul pole for a 4-3 Toronto win (the Angels’ league-leading 13th walkoff loss of the season) 10 years and three months and seven days after Texas sent Encarnacion and Ruben Mateo to Cincinnati for Rob Bell.

The division lead remains five, with six games to go.

And the Angels’ shot at a Wild Card, still slightly in view even if the West title really isn’t any more, took a pretty big hit last night.

But this is about Texas.

A little carrying out of the Castle Doctrine, in front of what ought to be full houses, including tonight’s Matt Harrison-Anthony Vasquez matchup, and we got this.

Game One is a week from today.


Bowden picks L.A.

Did man he swapped Bell Curve for

Kill Angels season?

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