Sunday night from the Twitter Sports Bar.

The seventh inning – for the time being – was our Trumbo moment.

A round from tonight’s Twitter Sports Bar:

Ominous: two breaking balls to Bourjos poorly located.  If LAA able to sit on the fastball, bad news.

Fastball: double.  Fastball: RBI single.

Regardless of result of the [first] inning, promising pitch count.  Weaver command already wobbly.

Whether you mean tonight or the pennant race: Yes.  [@theoldgreywolf  More and more I think this is all going to come down to Josh.]

No command on curve to Callaspo.  Grooved 86 mph fastball to Aybar: triple.

Jeff Mathis and Yorvit Torrealba scoreboarding early.  Following the script.

Two good breaking balls to start Kendrick off: Promising.  Then an 0-2 HBP.  Sigh.

[top of third inning] Yorvit’s already had his best game in a long time.

Lewis scored on in each of his first four innings last time out.   Each of the first three (so far) tonight.

When facing a force like Weaver, your most important player is your own starting pitcher, giving your offense some sort of chance to win.

Nadel notes that Mark Hamburger lifted after one (clean) inning of his @RRExpress start – and got high fives in the dugout.

Likely that he’s coming up, or has been traded.  [@Dmcdougle @rrexpress  What does that mean?]

Hello, Josh.  #ANationStaresYouDown

The last time I wanted a Colby Lewis inning to go well this much was in October.

Michael Young Kendrick.

A solid “heat” point:  Buzz talking about how it impacts pitchers in their between-starts conditioning work.

Not sure if Berkman has NTC, but if so would he agree to come to a team that’s just average without Cliff Lee?  #halfkidding

Absolutely have to get Murphy home this inning.  This is a division leading club trying to return to World Series.



Tell ya the truth, I gave Josh little chance against Downs, who often makes him look awful.  Love it.

Not crazy about Endy for Gentry.  Weakens defense.

Dump that last tweet.  Brilliant chess move.

Prediction: Mike Adams will record a save this October.

#SDI  #Cerberus

I’ve believed that every day this year.  [@danhilldallas  Jamey Newberg has just predicted the Rangers will win the AL West!]

MikeBacsik: Most pitchers will tell u it’s not the short rest start that you feel bad, it’s the next start.  Let’s see how Santana and Weaver recover.

Also according to script tonight: Jeff Mathis offensive force, defensive liability.

Nadel was shocked at the call – and he also thought Elvis left early.  [@lonestarball  I’m pretty sure Elvis was safe.]

Ballgame.  BALL.  GAME.  #offtothecomputernow

#Cerberus  #didialreadysaythat?  #whocares  #Cerberus

Playoff intensity.

Blake Beavan, you’ve contributed here in different ways, and they’re all very much appreciated.  But you could do us another solid by shutting a flight-weary Angels club down 22 hours from now.  We’re all just taking the night off back home, so we’ll be (scoreboard) watching.

There are five weeks left in the season, and I want more.

Like the back of the T-Shirt says:


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