Magic numb.

There will be no talk of Magic Numbers in this space.

Because of the way a handful of Rangers games and Angels games have turned around in the late (or extra) innings over the last five weeks, this thing’s going to go right down to the end, and there’s now a real chance that Texas will be the one doing the chasing at some point.

Canceling out opponents/sites in common, here’s what the two clubs have left on the schedule:

Texas: Tampa Bay and Cleveland at home (plus tomorrow’s Boston series finale), and Boston and Tampa Bay on the road

Los Angeles: Minnesota and New York (plus tonight’s White Sox series finale – which Los Angeles leads in the second inning, 3-0) at home, and Baltimore and Toronto (plus one more game in Seattle than Texas has) on the road

And then there are the six games left between the two teams, three in each place, including a set in Anaheim to conclude the season for one of the clubs while the other moves on to the ALDS.

There will be no Magic Numbers, because the way the schedules set up, and the way Texas and Los Angeles are playing ball at the moment, it seems that the key formula will be a much simpler one to calculate:  Which of the two teams fares better in the six faceoffs that remain.

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