Loss. Leader.

Before the final pitch of last night’s game, the Texas bullpen had allowed two runs (both by Koji Uehara) in its last 28 innings of work, over 11 games.

Colby Lewis padded the Rangers’ American League-leading total of 78 quality starts, already two more than they had in all of 2010.

Texas lowered its Major League-leading road ERA of 3.09 – a mark that would be baseball’s lowest since Montreal posted a 2.69 road ERA in 1992, and now right there with Toronto’s 3.07 mark in the strike-shortened 1981 season that is the lowest AL figure since 1973.

And now, tonight, as the team gets it on again after last night’s extraordinary baseball game, a disappointing ending to what was nonetheless a simply great series, Texas gets a chance to run its record to 20 games above .500 for just the second time since 1999.

As I’m sure many of you are, I’m running on fumes this morning, feeling like I took my own red-eye flight to Friday morning, so I’m going to cop out of writing a full-blown report today and cut corners by dropping a sample of last night’s in-game action from the Twitter Sports Bar (don’t worry – this isn’t going to become a daily exercise):

Kins makes another tough play look easy.  We’ll miss him when he’s gone.

Kins?  Rumor is he’ll retire one day.  [@KatyLou_Martin  is he dying?]

I’d answer but your name is Thong_n_Cheese.  [@Thong_n_Cheese  When do you think that will be?!]

This is exactly the kind of game non-baseball fans point to for why they don’t like the sport.  They’re stupid.

If I were Scioscia, it would at least cross my mind to pinch-hit for Mathis in the 5th inn of this Aug game.  Well, maybe if I were LaRussa.

I want so badly to issue a tired joke about Torii’s kid going back to school next week.  Nah.

Napoli Ever After.  #overwellshead  #appropriate

Napoli’s plate admiration of that shot (& Weaver watching first 90 feet of his trot) creates one helluva subtext.

Seriously?  [@dallasportsmind  Weaver watched all 360 feet of that trot.  Didn’t take his eye off him til he touched home plate.]

RT  [@billplunkettocr:  Angels Weaver gave Napoli staredown as he rounded bases, barked at him.  Weaver has appointed self Commish of HR trots]


Outstanding.  Hat tip, Sir.  [@dallasportsmind  twitvid.com/SCWSJ – Napoli homer w Weaver staredown]

[@dallasportsmind  twitvid.com/IZB1S – Nap sayin’ somethin’ to Weaver]

Lowe’s 8th tremendously secs-y, too.  #Wow  #LetsBuildSomethingTogether

About two months ago I tweeted that I’d love it if Mark Lowe, then the set-up man, were a 6th-inning weapon.  He is absolutely that now.

The secondary stuff for Lewis and Lowe tonight was silly-great.  [@barrytheprince  what is secs-y?]

What a fantastic baseball game.  Credit to Trumbo.

Hey @RangersRadioBD (Bryan Dolgin) – first caller complaining that Lowe should have been left in for the 9th gets hung up on….deal?

[@RangersRadioBD  deal – no question.]

Click.  Dial tone.  [@ScottGrayTweets  What happened to stickin to the hot hand?  Dude just pitched best inning in his life & u pull him?  Really?]

[@kmarchelle  Hahahahahaha.  He hung up on the first guy.  He really did it.  Couldn’t hang up on second cause no deal made.]

…then we’d face NYY or BOS in Round One.  Wait… [@gilebreton  Rangers bullpen now has 23 losses.  If they’d just won half of those…..]

Three more in Chicago on this 6-1 road trip and 9-2 run, one that has seen Texas stretch its division lead from one game to six.  Then 10 at home starting on Monday, with Boston in for four, the Angels in for three (which should conclude with a Lewis-Weaver rematch on Sunday, assuming Los Angeles skips starters on its two intervening off-days), and Tampa Bay in for three, after which we’ll be in the final month before playoff baseball.

Don’t mope about last night’s final pitch.  The team won’t.  This is one of the greatest stretches of Rangers baseball in what is the best period in this franchise’s 40 seasons.

It continues, thankfully, in 11 hours, rather than 13.

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