At a loss? Nope.

I said this yesterday on Twitter, before the game:

A week of COFFEY overload has given way to a thousand story ideas.  A thousand, I tell you.

This wasn’t one of them.

A double on the first pitch of the game.  A run-scoring line drive single on the game’s second pitch.

A home run in the fourth inning.  A home run in the fifth inning.  A home run in the sixth inning, this one with a man on.

That’s what happened a year and three weeks ago, in Cliff Lee’s Rangers debut, a 6-1 drubbing at home at the hands of the Baltimore Orioles, owners of the worst record in baseball.

Mike Adams is far from the reason Texas lost that game last night.  Far from it.

Peter Gammons tweeted this morning that “Joe Wieland was a major part of Rangers-Mets deal for Beltran, runner-up to Wheeler trade.”

Carlos Beltran is 5 for 25 (.200/.231/.280) as a Giant.

He’ll be fine.  And so will Adams.

I hate losses, and I hate a bunch of things about Detroit 6, Texas 5, but other than Adams being asked to throw his fourth-best pitch in the pouring rain to a hitter with a .500 slug, I didn’t have nearly as big a problem with that moment as I did with a half dozen others earlier in the game.

There have been nights when Texas won games it shouldn’t have, and when the Angels lost games they should have won.  There will be more of those.  Last night was a loss that, the way the Rangers played, should have been a loss.

But let me leave you with two things to brighten your baseball day in advance of Matt Harrison against Doug Fister (who may turn out to not fare as well in his debut with his new team as he has the rest of the year: it happens).


Dave Bush.  Cody Eppley.  Darren Oliver.  Arthur Rhodes.  Pedro Strop.  Brett Tomko.  Ryan Tucker.

Mike Adams.  Scott Feldman.  Neftali Feliz.  Mark Lowe.  Darren Oliver.  Yoshinori Tateyama.  Koji Uehara.

There was actually a week this season when the Texas bullpen was manned by that first group.

The Rangers were in first place then, and are in first place now.

Next, another Gammons tweet from this morning:

From a really good scout: “Jurickson Profar has Hanley Ramirez ability—minus speed—and Pedroia makeup.”

There will be a night when Profar boots a big league ground ball that leads to the decisive run.  Maybe even in his Rangers debut.

Mike Adams will be fine.

That’s not to say I don’t have questions about last night’s game, but whether Adams is going to help this team get to October, and beyond that, is not something about which I have any doubts.  It wasn’t how he wanted to debut for this club, but I’m guessing Cliff Lee had his Rangers debut drawn up a bit differently in his head, too.

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