Newberg Report Night is July 24.

Two quick things:

  1. This is not an advertisement in the commercial sense, but a completely unsolicited recommendation.  Locally renowned baseball coach Mike Tovar, who has been at Hillcrest High School in Dallas since 1989, is running a second Hillcrest Baseball Camp during the week of July 5-8 (Tues.-Fri.), and I can’t endorse his ability to coach young kids enough.  He’s a tremendous teacher of the game and has a unique ability to connect with young ballplayers.

If you’re interested in the camp, which is open to kids going into the second grade through the eighth grade, it’s only $85 for the four days.  Camp goes from 9 a.m. until noon each day.

  1. The eighth annual Newberg Report Night is going to be on Sunday, July 24.  It will involve all the things it’s always involved: A pregame Q&A with Jon Daniels (a week before the trade deadline); a pre-JD Q&A with Baseball Prospectus writer Kevin Goldstein (and very likely a second guest); a memorabilia raffle and auction that, along with the greater part of the admission fee, will go to support local charities; and tickets for that evening’s Rangers-Blue Jays game, with both seats and suites available.

I’m not taking payment yet for the event, as we have to get a couple details worked out before we can nail down the cost for a game seat or suite, but since we’ve chosen the date, I wanted to get that to you now so you can check your calendar – and for those who might be interested in sitting in a suite, I know from past years that some of you will want to round up a group to do that (though you can certainly buy just one or two suite tickets or any other number, too).

Two years ago, once we opened the event for payment, we sold out of the 300+ spots in eight days.  Last year, we sold out in less than 48 hours.  So rather than spring all of this on you without giving you any time to figure out if you and your friends/family can go, here’s some advance notice.

I would expect we’ll open things up within the next few days – and payment is the only way to reserve your spot (doing it via PayPal is the safest bet, since payment is relatively instant).  This thing fills up so fast that I can’t hold spots.

More details soon.

And Mitch Moreland hits good big league pitching.

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