It’s not easy.


Rewind.  Watch which Cano hand pitch came closest to.  Then watch which hand he shakes as if hit.  Then watch game-ending scrum.  Cano laughing.

Also watch Teixeira and Alex and Nunez frat-partying and big-talking with Cano in the middle of the scrum.  You know why.


@sbass1310 Texas didn’t deserve a win today.

Don’t disagree, but they had chances to win one they didn’t deserve.  Need some of those.

Reminder to self:  It’s not easy.  It’s not supposed to be easy.  It wouldn’t have the chance to be as great if it were easy.

Painful set in New York.

Sixteen-hundred miles away, they were busy celebrating a title with a parade and a party, something that was within grasp seven months ago for this baseball team, a reality that even the most jaded and cynical among us embraced after Texas beat the Yankees soundly in six.

It wasn’t that long ago, really.  And the teams don’t look all that different.

Off in Hickory, North Carolina, they’re busy hosting Charleston, and all they’re thinking about is trying to win a first-half title, which is the same thing they’re aiming to do this weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as the hated Frederick Keys visit historic BB&T Coastal Field.

In Corpus Christi, Frisco third baseman Tommy Mendonca aims to put together his seventh straight multi-hit game tonight, working on a cool 18 for 27 stretch and knowing, surely, that he’s playing as much right now for 29 other clubs as he is for Texas.

In Nashville, Scott Feldman will watch his Round Rock teammates take first cuts as he gets set to throw another rehab outing, and maybe Chris Davis will jog out to left field behind him, just as he did last night for the first time since four appearances in August, which was his first time in the outfield since his pro debut in 2006 with Spokane.

Meanwhile, in Spokane, extremely important righthander David Perez sits tonight and waits, waits for his first official stateside baseball game, which comes tomorrow as he gets the Opening Day nod for the Indians.

Perez’s start on Friday highlights a slate of five key Rangers prospects taking the ball: Perez for Spokane, Roman Mendez for Hickory, Joe Wieland for Myrtle Beach, Martin Perez for Frisco, and Neil Ramirez for Round Rock, all five of them waverunners.

And on Saturday, the Rangers will hold a pregame press conference in Atlanta, introducing 2011 draft picks Kevin Matthews (LHP, first round), Zach Cone (OF, supplemental first round), and Johnathan Taylor (OF, 33rd round), who is partially paralyzed and working his tail off not to be.

All the while, Jon Daniels will place calls and send emails and texts and field them, too, as he continues to explore trade opportunities, and Josh Boyd will dispatch the team’s pro scouts to zero in on affiliates from that club or another, moving the process forward.

They all have their own things to take care of right now, and not all of them will have been aware that the Rangers managed to scored just twice in the nine innings turned in today by Brian Gordon, Hector Noesi, and Cory Wade, each of whom has spent more time this year in AAA than in the big leagues.

There are hundreds of moving parts everyday in a big league organization, every one of which I forget about as I try to read Wash’s lips as he argues with umpire Mike Everitt, or Mark Teixeira’s and Alex Rodriguez’s as they celebrate Robinson Cano’s Oscar.

It’s not easy, I remind myself, just as it wasn’t last year, and I hit “send” on this email ready to forget about the last few days of baseball and look forward to better things going forward.

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