If you don’t care about sports right down to the core, my wish for you is that you did.  Because tonight, for folks who live and die with the local teams, was unforgettably awesome.  They don’t happen that often like this, which makes them all that much more mind-blowing.


I may not sleep tonight.

A few of tonight’s in-game @newbergreport tweets:

By the way, Rangers’ ’03 #1 pick John Danks retired Rangers’ ’03 #17 pick Ian Kinsler to start the 1st.  Alexi Ogando entered pro ball in ’02.

Kinsler doubles.  Haywood drains a free throw.

Alexi Ogando is good at baseball.

Hamilton and Cruz have made a difference offensively tonight.  #ObviousMan

Nadel calls Hamilton’s double “resounding.”  And there is no other possible word for it.

Hamilton tags!  Anderson sends him! (And there’s no throw.)  #4-0

So bizarre.  I’ve watched this whole half, and if you told me Dallas was either down 3 or 23, I would have guessed wrong.

Two months ago you’re told we’d shut PHI & CWS out, 5 hits each, back to back, Harrison & Ogando getting 52 of the 54 outs.  You buying that?

Alexi is 5-0.  Hamilton is 10-1.

Kendrick Perkins is what Andrew Bynum would be if Bynum s-cked.

Jason Kidd is the most dependable, intelligent athlete ever to play for a DFW team.

Unique players: Ogando & Hamilton, Dirk & J.Kidd.  What a sports night.

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