This is version number 3 of this email.  The first and second are, thankfully, obsolete, thanks to Texas 5, Kansas City 4.

I don’t need to go into the 2 for 17 performance with runners in scoring position (2 for 25 over the past two games), or to ask rhetorically how a team racks up eight base hits and draws 13 walks and pushes so few runs across, or to focus on the starting nine tonight, who individually left an average of three teammates on base each.

I don’t need to express my concern about the closer (though I bet his ninth inning has Elias scrambling) or extend a heartfelt “Sorry about baseball” to the unflappable (and, I believe, immovable) Alexi Ogando.

Instead, I wish to congratulate the Texas Rangers’ sixth and seventh outfielders and eighth infielder, and its backup shortstop who started and starting shortstop who pinch-hit, plus my favorite player on the team (“G-Flex”), all of whom contributed in a big way tonight, as did whatever number on the bullpen depth chart the final pitcher had secured for himself before tonight, a man who went from early-camp candidate to close to mid-April Round Rock Express reliever, but whose fastball, for the first time I can remember seeing since he arrived last season, moved.

A lot.

I’m not sure if I’ll have the opportunity to recirculate tonight’s final in-game tweet – #LoweLife – but I sure hope I do, because if that guy we saw finish the game tonight was more than just a momentary flash, that’s a piece.

Mark Lowe wasn’t the hero tonight, but he factored in, and helped prevent that game from becoming, in a very different sense, quite a big piece in its own right.

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