Texas 5, New York 3.

To Dan McDowell and all those who call him Leader, I bring you a sampling of last night’s in-game tweets:

All that it took for me to get my Yankee hate on was to be reminded that Nick Swisher plays for them.


I actually have an abundant fondness for this ballpark now, as it was the site of the greatest sports experience of my life.  #gimmeahug


I predict I’ll write about I.Nova at least once a year for as long as I keep doing the Newberg Report.  Unsubscribe now if that’s a problem.


[after what appeared to be Cano’s muff of A-Rod’s throw] That’s a bad call.  Move on.  But that’s a bad call.


Second base ump debating whether to call Nellie’s drop a catch. #fail


Extra benefit of all those double plays is pitches they save.  The less this bullpen is needed, the better.  #obviousman


Ivan Nova.  Seriously.  Ivan NOVA.  #clifflee


If Borbon has as much value/upside as many insist he does, he ought to have tremendous trade value.


Query: forget what you know about 2011.  Think back to July.  Cliff Lee deal w/ SEA depends on you adding Harrison to the deal.  Do you do it?


Almost unanimous on agreeing to put Harrison in the Lee deal.  Now: Harrison vs. Nova…discuss.


All-Smiling-While-Hitting Team: Joe Randa, David Murphy, Andruw Jones.


I really like this #42 pitching for NYY.  (Sorry.)  This Pendleton appears to have something.


Check out Salty’s game defensively tonight.  #isitjuneyet?


Rangers’ 3-4-5 starters are 7-0 this season.  (Actually, arguably 4-6-10 starters?)

Anyway, Texas takes on Freddy Garcia at noon today.  Check Garcia’s game logs and you’ll find that the last time he had a poor start against the Rangers was in 2003, with six pretty good ones since.

But Yankee Stadium is also where Derek Holland, in spite of ugly regular season numbers (all in 2009), was brilliant in Game Four of the ALCS: 3.2 scoreless innings in relief of Tommy Hunter, one hit, two walks, three strikeouts, and six ground ball outs, earning the victory to put Texas up, three games to one and the doorstep to a trip to the World Series.

In the meantime, two words to wrap up Texas 5, New York 3, certainly not the cleanest win of the season but one which, in that sense, says something about this team’s ability to grind W’s out:

Matt Harrison.

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