My teachable moment.

From Thursday morning’s report:
Yes, there’s still the business of figuring out what Neftali Feliz is going to be asked to do this year – tune in tonight at 8:05 (TXA21) for what ought to be his final appearance before club officials sit down and decide once and for all whether he’s now a starting pitcher or the club’s returning closer, at least for 2011 – and the center field situation still holds as much intrigue as the final few spots on the pitching staff (Pedro Strop pitches in the night game too; I’m almost as interested in his work than Feliz’s), but for the most part this is a roster that’s pretty much set and remarkably healthy . . . . 
So stupid, and I should know better.  I can’t blame it on lack of experience, or on the Arizona bake, which I left behind a week ago, or on fatigue or P90X or a bad bento box.  This one’s on me.
Humbled by some of the unpleasant events of the three Rangers games that have been played since my Thursday morning blunder, and with all the contrition I can summon up, I beg both your forgiveness and the pardon of the sports gods from further reprimand, recognizing this as my teachable moment for having cavalierly used the words “remarkably healthy” with what was then still more than a week and a full eight baseball games to go before April Fool’s Day, a day that can’t get here quickly enough.
(But not so quickly that a 41-year-old reliever’s case of throwing wrist tendinitis doesn’t have time to get itself worked out.  Because I’ve already got enough bearing down on my conscience.)

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