Surprise: No report today.

A year ago today, St. Patrick’s Day 2010, was maybe the strangest day I’ve ever experienced as a Rangers fan, and enough has been written about it.

There have been plenty of strange days in this franchise’s 40 years, including a fair share of drama in the year since that chilling presser in the makeshift conference room behind the center field berm in Surprise Stadium, but thankfully the things I woke up today thinking of writing about were strictly about baseball.  Like why spring work does matter when you’re Mark Lowe.  Mason Tobin’s “B” game inning on Tuesday, and something Jurickson Profar did toward the end of that game that opened my eyes on him even a bit further.  

The triumvirate of Chris Davis, Scott Boras, and Jon Heyman, and this Tampa Bay angle.  A couple arresting throws made on Wednesday by a couple of the Rangers’ minor league catchers, one 27 and the other 17.  A thought about center field.  The half-serious idea that Mitch Moreland may need a day off after the number of high-intensity throws he had to make from right field last night.  Joakim Soria.  (Don’t see it.)  

Justin Smoak’s spring.  C.J. vs. Lester, Colby vs. Lackey, and — Hunter? — vs. Buchholz.  Mike Olt and a mistake I need to admit to.  The next step for Brandon Webb, and Tanner Scheppers.

But I’m tired this morning, and I think I’ll beg off writing for a day.

Happy 25th Birthday, Chris Davis.  Keep doing what you’re doing, on the field. 

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