Gonna be in Surprise March 12-17?

For those of you who plan to be in Surprise between March 12 and March 17: If I were to try and organize a “Chalk Talk” type of gathering one evening in that stretch, maybe at the stadium, would you be interested in attending?
My thought was making it similar to the Sherlock’s event we had last week – a group of maybe three-to-five folks from among the players, front office, and TV/radio broadcast teams for an hour or two of fan Q&A with us.  
I’m pitching the idea to the team but first need to get a very general sense of how many of you might be there.  If you’ll be in Arizona and would be interested in attending, let me know how many would be in your group.
In the meantime, if you need a 2011 Bound Edition to get your head right with ball going into the season, you can handle up on that in about 30 seconds here: http://www.newbergreport.com/buythebook.asp 
And if you need an extra T-Shirt:

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