“I hate seeing Mom & Dad fight” is how a friend put it yesterday.  
It’s bordering on war now, and not only that, but it’s being waged through the media, which is completely out of the ordinary for both sides.  As the curtain was pulled back yesterday, it became fairly clear that the Rangers and Michael Young disagree not only on what his role should be, but also on how things have played out this winter to get us to this point.
But like the Mom & Dad thing, the versions and explanations aren’t as important as the fracture itself.  You can’t convince me that this isn’t true:  The ultimate objective for both sides is to win here, in Texas, and both believe with total conviction that they know the right way, in their role, to go about getting that done.  But they have different ideas on what that right way is, and it’s become personal.  Publicly personal.  
No matter where you fall on this situation, no matter where anyone falls on it, it’s really too bad it’s come to this.  Nobody’s going to be thrilled with the outcome.
So the speculation, replaced not by resolution but instead by ringside seats, moves away from “Is there really something going on here?” and toward the Rockies, Angels, Dodgers, Padres, Twins, Yankees, Cardinals, and Astros, and maybe one of the other 21 teams “on a case-by-case basis” (some of whom have already approached Texas), and toward what’s likely an eight-figure sum that might be as much of a moving target as the names of infielders, relief pitchers, and prospects who could be involved in a deal, if that’s where all of this leads.  
But maybe the outcome is that both sides ultimately decide that the best solution is to find a way to repair relationships, to reconcile differences, at least to a workable scale, and keep at least this part of the Texas Rangers’ World Series roster intact.  Neither side would rule out the possibility yesterday of getting past this (if you consider “I don’t know” as a glimmer of hope on one of the two sides).
Whatever makes this team better.  That’s the next development in this story I want to hear about.
I didn’t think I’d be craving next week’s scrape of cleats and leather pop as a refuge, but here we are, seeking asylum in the reporting of pitchers and catchers, and then position players, maybe with one position player in particular and maybe not, while in the meantime my head hurts trying to make sense of the divergent paths of good intentions.

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