Book release party: Autograph guests.



9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . ?


No news yet on Cliff Lee, or even credible speculation,
but the relative silence and absence of volleys delivered through the media today
has created this eerie, if groundless, sense that closure could be close.


Hope so, at least.


I’m sort of at the point at which it feels more
important to me for New York not to get Lee than for the Rangers to land him.


But I still want him here.


Anyway, I can now tell you this:


Our guest list may not be complete, but joining us Thursday
night at the Newberg Report Book Release Party at Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub
& Grill in Arlington (254 Lincoln Square, a few blocks west of Rangers
Ballpark) will be Derek Holland, Tanner
and Matt Thompson. 


Derek is flying in from out of state just for the event, as
is Tanner (the Rangers’ number two prospect by my rankings), while Matt (number
15 on my list, up from number 44 a year ago), the Burleson native and Arlington
high school product, will be making his first Rangers-related autograph
appearance, coming off a Class A season in which he struck out 130 and issued
only 22 unintentional walks in 129.1 innings for Hickory. 


The Rangers will be on hand selling the 2010 season DVD
“It’s Time: The Incredible Season of the 2010 American League Champion Texas
Rangers,” which will be released to the public on Tuesday.  That and a Bound Edition – primo holiday


The party goes from 6:00-9:00 p.m. and ESPN 103.3 FM will be
broadcasting live.   


always, admission to the December 16 party is free – but the “cost” for getting
autographs from our guests is the purchase of a 2011 Bound Edition, which you can pay for now (choose
the option on the right side if you want to preorder for party pickup) or buy at
the party itself.  (The guys will sign your baseballs, bats, cards, etc.,
too — but you have to have the book to get autographs.)  Limit two
autographs per player.


tuned for news on any additions to the party roster – or the big league roster.


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