World Series Game Four, San Francisco 4, Texas 0.

Cody Ross, Andres Torres, Aubrey Huff, Buster Posey, Edgar Renteria, Freddy Sanchez, Pat Burrell, Aaron Rowand, Travis Ishikawa, and Mike Fontenot.

Nelson Cruz, Ian Kinsler, Bengie Molina, Matt Moreland, Josh Hamilton, David Murphy, Elvis Andrus, Michael Young, and Matt Treanor.

And Matt Cain.  And Cliff Lee.

All 21 of them have a higher OPS in the 2010 playoffs than Vladimir Guerrero.

I get that the manager trusts him.  I get that he’s a “cleanup hitter.”  I get that his teammates believe in and revere the guy, no matter what the numbers say.

I have no further comment.  It’s not as if he’s lining into hard outs.  What an awful, awful night for Big Bad, not exactly an aberration of late.

But that’s not what I’m most disappointed about tonight, nor is it the loss of the Alexi Ogando to a strained oblique, though that sucked, nor is it the unfortunate lack of a putaway pitch in Tommy Hunter’s arsenal (he didn’t get spanked, but the barrage of spoiled two-strike pitches forced the bullpen into early action – the first pitch the Giants swung at and missed was Hunter’s 72nd of the night).  

Bottom line on that game is that Texas was flat shut down by a brilliant pitching performance.  Tip of the cap to Mr. Bumgarner.

What disappointed me the most were some things that went on in the building tonight.  I don’t really want to elaborate right now.

Hey, I’m tired, too.  The post-season can be draining, nerve-racking, tense.  But c’mon.

Actually, I know this isn’t the audience that should be directed to.  It’s the people who have enough disposable entertainment money to cross “World Series” off their bucket list, then play Solitaire on their cell phones starting in the second inning and leave the game in the seventh, sitting on their damn hands all the time in between.  Those folks kept lots of you out of the ballpark tonight.  They aren’t on this mailing list and don’t read Baseball Time in Arlington or Lone Star Ball.  

But hey, they’ve now been to the World Series, man.

I don’t know how we change the makeup of the 50,000-plus who will be in the stadium Monday night for Cliff Lee vs. Tim Lincecum.  I wish I did.

But know this: It’s the final game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in 2010, the greatest, most exciting season in franchise history.

We need to act like it.


ADDENDUM: I’m so not seeing straight about this that I called Mitch Moreland “Matt” in that last report, and left out that I’m sure that none of the 9,800 of you on this mailing list are either of the two people who barked at me tonight to “Sit down!”

It was by far the liveliest they got all night.

And I didn’t sit down.


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I would have loved to go to one of the World Series games but it was way over my budget. I would have been standing, screaming, jumping up and down, just like I was doing at home. Oh well, they know all of us are out there watching and cheering them on.

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