Almost there.

Thirty minutes before kickoff of that game last night against the other Giants, this was the scene at a local Academy, where a massive Rangers display is all you see the minute you walk through the doors to the store:

Thirty minutes before the end of that abomination of a football game, if you were listening to Brad & Babe on the radio call (or, I understand, the ESPN call, too), you heard a crystal-clear “Let’s Go Rangers!” chant break out in the stands.


Thirty minutes after the football game, you heard this week’s barrage of excuses and weakness from the putative head coach, which only serves to reinforce how much I get fired up when I hear a Ron Washington press conference, an event of reliably (if sometimes recklessly) straight truth that, in the past month, for me, has elevated itself from “refreshing” to “galvanizing.” 

“We’re here to whip their ***,” said one of them yesterday.

“We’re just not right on the right track,” said the other recently.  “It’s just off kilter barely in those games that we’ve lost.” 

I think I now get it, far more than I ever did, as to why Ron Washington was the man for this job, and why Jon Daniels knew it.

That’s one of the topics Ted Price, Adam Morris, and I explored last night as we recorded the latest edition of Rangers Podcast in Arlington.  Ted should have the show uploaded sometime today.  I’ll give you a heads-up when that has happened. 

One lowlight of the show was my lack of preparation for a lot of the World Series nuts and bolts that Ted wanted to discuss.  My brain just isn’t ready for what’s about to happen.

There’s already been a lot of very good writing and television about Rangers-Giants, and promises to be a ton more.  Over the next seven or ten days the best baseball writers in the country turn their focus squarely to this team. 

But I don’t have it in me, not yet at least, to talk about roster decisions or lineup issues or how long I think this Series will go, and in whose hands the trophy gets raised.

I’m getting there, but last night during the Podcast I was still struggling to get my baseball brain wrapped around Texas Rangers, San Francisco Giants, World Series.  Emotionally, I’m there, and have been since the Fifth Inning.  But the part of me that’s supposed to offer some sort of analysis, a fact or two to support a theory or to lay the foundation for a trend to keep an eye on, that part isn’t ready to go to war.  All of this is still a little too surreal.

Hopefully you’ve come not to expect much objectivity from me.  But there will be some.  There will.  Soon enough I’ll get buckled in and ready to roll, ready to bear down. 

Listening to Wash helps.

So does the thought of Lincecum-Lee.




I’m just about there. 


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