No more words.

ESPN’s Buster Olney said on a national radio segment yesterday that he’s never seen a baseball team more relaxed than Texas is right now, that the club seems able to shrug losses off like no team he’s ever been around.

So there’s today’s dose of analysis.  There’s nothing left to say.  It’s all been said.

Friday Night Lights.

Rally Minka.



You know that scene in one of the Star Wars movies where Luke shuts his cockpit controls off and fires the kill shot to destroy the Death Star, relying just on instincts?

These two teams have played each other for a week now.  Forty-four innings, 386 pitcher-hitter faceoffs, 1621 pitches.  The front offices have done everything they can, and so have the advance scouts.  There shouldn’t be any tricks left, no alarms and no surprises. 

Tonight, and maybe tomorrow, come down to two really good baseball teams, very familiar with each other, going at it in hand-to-hand combat, each looking for the kill shot.  The next series that one of these two teams will get to play will have some novelty to it, but not this one, not anymore.  This is raw, primal baseball, and I can’t stand that Game Six doesn’t start right this second.

It’s Time to end Yanks’ season
Start spreading the noose


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